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Nail Snail

Turquoise Blue Nail Snail Baby Nail Trimmer

The Nail Snail is a 3-in-1 baby nail trimmer tool which provides an easier, safer and faster way to trim the fingernails and toenails of newborns, babies, toddlers and children.


- 3-in-1 tool - nail trimmer, nail file and under nail cleaner
- Precision trimmer, provides smoother, snag free cutting
- Multi-directional, V shaped blade ensures excellent visibility
- Safety guard protects surrounding skin
- Pointed tail gently cleans under nails
- Ergonomic easy-grip rubber handles maximises control
- Safe anti-choking design
- Compact high-quality construction using medical-grade stainless steel
- Fine nail file smoothes rough edges
- Snail appearance and elimination of clipping sound are more appealing to children
- No batteries or noisy moving parts


In order to prevent your child scratching themselves and you, their fast growing nails will require regular trimming.

How to cut baby’s nails with the Nail Snail:

- Using the Snail’s tail, gently clean under each nail
- Hold the Nail Snail’s shell with the base of the metal V-shaped blade against the edge of the nail (eye prongs facing up)
- Carefully catching the edge of the nail, move the blade along the curve of the fingernail (or straight across the toenail)
- Finish by gently smoothing off any rough edges with the nail file

Age Suitability:

0-5 years


6.3 cm long x 2.4 cm tall x 1.6 cm wide

  • In 2013, Julia Christie had her first child and immediately joined many parents the world over who were concerned about cutting their babies tiny, delicate nails. Julia started to question the safety of available nail clippers after having an accident when cutting her newborn son's nails. She came up with the idea of the Nail Snail® after yet another round of tears and bloodshed whilst using a traditional set of baby nail clippers to cut her baby boy's nails. Feeling frustrated that no change had been made to the design of traditional methods in over 140 years, she set about creating a better alternative, the Nail Snail®.

    The Nail Snail® first appeared as an inspired, draft design at 5am one morning on April 1st, 2014. The Nail Snail® has since grown from this 'eureka' drawing, to become a revolutionary, award winning, baby care product. The Nail Snail® is a 3-in-1, baby nail trimmer, for babies and children, from birth to 5 years. It offers an easier, safer, and faster option than scissors, clippers, nail files, electric nail trimmers and biting. Knowing that she was onto a brilliant idea, Julia has worked tirelessly to bring the Nail Snail® to market, so that parents all the over the world can now confidently trim their babies' precious little nails. #forhappylittlenails

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